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OPC grape seed extract

OPC grape seed extract

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✅ Higher effect through micellization process
✅ Highest raw material quality – produced and bottled in Austria
✅ Purely plant-based

The abbreviation OPC (= Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins/Procyanidins) refers to the active ingredient that is widely known as “grape seed extract”. OPC belongs to the group of flavonols and describes herbal bitter substances that occur in particularly high concentrations in grape seed extract.

Daily dose: Take 2x 5 drops (=150 mg grape seed extract) orally

Ingredients: water, ethanol, grape seed extract

Contents: 10 ml

Store in a cool and dry place.

Not an organic product according to Regulation (EU) 2018/848.

Why does the body need OPC?

OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) is a group of bioactive plant substances that are found primarily in grape seeds, but also in other parts of plants such as the bark of pine trees and the skin of red grapes. Here are some potential benefits and uses of OPC for the body.

Antioxidant effect

  • Free Radical Protection - OPCs are powerful antioxidants that can help protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. This antioxidant protection can help prevent cell damage and premature aging.

Cardiovascular health

  • Improve blood circulation - OPCs can support blood circulation and improve the flexibility of blood vessels, which can have positive effects on cardiovascular health.

  • Blood pressure regulation - Some studies suggest that OPCs may help regulate blood pressure.


  • Relieving Inflammation - OPCs may have anti-inflammatory properties and help in relieving inflammation in the body.

Skin health

  • Collagen Synthesis - OPC can promote the synthesis of collagen, which is important for skin elasticity and skin aging prevention.

  • UV Protection - There is evidence that OPCs can help protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Immune system support

  • Strengthening the immune system - Thanks to their antioxidant properties, OPCs can strengthen the immune system and support the body's defense functions.

Eye health

  • Protection against eye diseases - OPCs can help protect the blood vessels in the eyes and reduce the risk of eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

Allergy prevention

  • Relieving Allergy Symptoms - OPCs may have anti-inflammatory properties that may help relieve allergy symptoms, especially those caused by histamine.
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