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Iron activated + vitamin C

Iron activated + vitamin C

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Iron plus natural vitamin C – the perfect combination

✅ Natural and efficient
✅ Very well tolerated
✅ Highest raw material quality and purity
✅ Produced and bottled in Austria

Iron is an essential nutrient because it is a component of hemoglobin and hundreds of proteins and enzymes. Iron deficiency often occurs in menstruating and pregnant women, vegetarians and endurance athletes. The primary effect of iron deficiency is anemia and symptoms include fatigue, rapid pulse, palpitations and rapid breathing during physical work.

Daily dose: 3 x 6 drops in a little water or juice and drink.
The daily dose contains 98.99 mg iron (II) sulfate = 20 mg iron (= 140% NRV) and 98.99 mg vitamin C.

Ingredients: Water, ethanol, iron (II) sulfate, ascorbic acid

Contents: 10 ml

Store in a cool and dry place.

Not an organic product according to Regulation (EU) 2018/848.

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