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Day Chill – complex for the day

Day Chill – complex for the day

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✅ Highest raw material quality and purity
✅ Produced and bottled in Austria
✅ Purely plant-based

Passionflower is known for its antispasmodic, calming and antihypertensive effects. It is therefore also used as a natural remedy for nervousness and fears (e.g. exam anxiety).

If you take a closer look at the effects of passion flower, the focus is primarily on the topic of sleep. A study by the School of Psychology and Psychiatry at Monash University in Victoria, Australia took a closer look at this and was able to prove the positive effect of passionflower on sleep. Lemon balm also acts as a natural sleep aid, helps in stressful situations and relieves nervousness. If you have stomach or intestinal problems, lemon balm relieves flatulence and cramps and loosens the entire digestive tract.

Daily dose: 2 x 5 drops - preferably with meals - drip into a little water or juice and drink.

Ingredients: Water, ethanol, passion flower extract 4:1 (0.5 g), lemon balm leaf extract 5:1 (0.5 g)

Contents: 10 ml

Store in a cool and dry place.

Not an organic product according to Regulation (EU) 2018/848.

Why does the body need Day Chill?

Passionflower extract and lemon balm leaf extract are herbal substances used in traditional medicine for their calming and relaxing properties. Here are some reasons why the body might benefit from these plant extracts.

Passionflower extract

Anxiety Relief - There is evidence that passionflower extract may have anxiety-relieving properties. It can help reduce tension and anxiety without the sedative effects of prescription medications.

Mood Boost - Some studies suggest that passionflower extract may have positive effects on mood by reducing stress and promoting overall well-being.

Muscle Relaxation - Passionflower extract could help relax the muscles and therefore can be used in traditional medicine to relieve muscle tension.

Melissa leaf extract (lemon balm):

Calming and stress reduction - Lemon balm leaf extract is valued for its relaxing properties. It can help reduce stress and tension.

Antioxidant effect - Lemon balm leaf has antioxidant properties that can protect cells from oxidative stress.

Digestive Support - In some cultures, lemon balm leaf extract is used to aid digestion and relieve stomach discomfort.

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